Waze And Spotify – Working Together For The Sake Of Safety

September 18, 2017

So, it seems that most of us are either one or the other. Either you use Pandora or Spotify or you use Google Maps or Waze. Well, it seems that these app companies are realizing this fact and are doing their best to simplify this for us.

If you live on planet earth you might have heard of a GPS application called WAZE. It is brilliant! Not only with just a few steps can you set it up, it works like a police scanner and speed trap look out, but gives you the customizing options to determine what type of route you want to take. Scenic – avoid freeways and toll roads or the fastest route. When you plug in your destination under routes you will get three different routes to choose from.

Waze works because so many people use this app, it is updated by users for users. The speed trap avoidance for example: If a Waze user sees a cruiser – hidden trying to catch speeders – any Waze user can update the application (police –visible/hidden etc.) and warn other drivers to lessen the speed around that area.

If you pass by the spot where the trap was first encountered, you will get a pop-up notification, which allows you to confirm or deny this. Therefore, updating the system in real time.  Very ingenious. Well, it shouldn’t surprise you, that this is an innovated app, it belongs to Google.

The interesting thing is that now Waze has partnered with Spotify, to allow you to have both applications from either platform. This partnership was just announced and it has extended to the new IOS platform. The advantage? Safety. If you own a smartphone, you know that sometimes you need to go between one app and another while you are on the road. Waze and Spotify have decided to help us avoid that….

Features? It will allow users to go between one app and the other, they seem to almost be merging… When in Waze – you can access your Spotify playlists, skip songs, pause, play etc. Regarding safety, once the car is at a complete stop you are able to switch between both applications.

Advantages? One less step between your trip and your soundtrack. This “merger” rolls out today on IOS, so if you use both of these applications, Google wants to make this even easier for you to get to where you are going safely and in a better mood – good music makes even Atlanta traffic bearable!