Twitter wants to expand to 280 characters – Should they?

September 27, 2017

Image: Digital Image. GETTY IMAGES/TWITTER

Twitter has announced that they will possibly be expanding the number of characters from 140 to 280. After news of this broke, the internet and its users seem to be divided on this issue.

When Twitter started in 2006, it was trying to compete with SMS – which had a word cap of 140 characters. Then when this limited text ban was lifted from SMS, Twitter stayed with it and it became part of its charm. Allowing those who tend to be wordier to limit their thoughts, and GET TO THE POINT.

Why in the world would they do this and why now? The reaction to this news has not been a very positive one. There is a hashtag which has been trending and that is #280characters, the main concern of most people who are against this potential doubling of characters are because of Twitter rants from, you guessed it #45 aka #Trump. If he goes on incessant Twitter rants with 140 characters, how much worse will it be when he has twice as many characters to complain to the American people about… Annoying to say the least.

Besides Trumps longer winded Twitter rants, many people are complaining that although applications change, upgrade, update what they offer, there was a sort of comfort in knowing that Twitter had stayed the course, had remained true to their beginnings. This has been part of our social media culture for over ten years and now they want to go and change it on us.

Twitter has been under fire because it has permitted users to bully, attack and harass others while on their platform and have done nothing about it. Other arguments against the change are that what makes reading Tweets so great is that in today’s society of minimal attention spans you can easily get up to date with the latest headlines and news that you are looking for and you do not have to wade through all the garbage in the paragraph. It is, was straight to the point. Something that kept this as one of the major platforms used by social media enthusiasts.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think that this is just Twitter evolving and keeping up with the times or do you think that this is just a way to expand bullying and harassment? Do you think Twitter will lose some of its popularity because people have more space to be eloquent and less direct? Let us know!


Image: Digital Image. twitter/DepressedDarth Twitter.