Twitter Upgrades – Introducing Popular Articles – A Simple Way To See What Is Trending

September 20, 2017

Twitter is doing its best to highlight the most shared stories within your network. Twitter Upgrades – Introducing Popular Articles – simplified version to make finding news easier.

What they have done is collect what they call “Popular Articles” – This basically shows you what is most shared, commented on and displays it easily for you to view and access. Some are comparing it to a third party app called Nuzzel, which was launched in ‘14.

What Nuzzel does that made it so intriguing for Twitter to emulate and offer to its users, is that is scrubs all the news stories that are the most shared within your network and places importance on these. Advantages? Those of us who are addicted to breaking news and trending topics can clearly and simply gain access to the information we most seek. This will be advantageous for journalists who need news to be as current as possible, for relevant stories.

This is new to Twitter and was just released within the last 24 hours, it is already available on IOS and Android platforms. Main differences between the two versions of this similar application? Nuzzel offers more information as to when it was published and by whom, whereas Popular Articles gives you the bare bones of necessary information, for those who do not have the time or the patience to scroll through information when all they want is the “story”. PA also gives you how many times your followers shared the link. As we said, the information is basic but useful.

Twitter PA

When you select “show more” on Popular Articles – it shows you all the people who shared this across the Twitter platform and not only in your own Twitter community. This just goes to show that application developers are taking notice of the apps that their users are trending towards, making the necessary adjustments and upgrades to their platform, in order to provide a more robust and complete application. Allowing its users to find everything they need within that one application. Kind of like a one-stop shop. What do you think, is this something that you would use? Leave us your comments below!

Images: Engadget, Google Images, freepik