Super Cool Features With The New – IOS 11 – Part 3/3

September 25, 2017

The New iOS 11 Features…continued.

This is the last segment of our three-part article which speaks to the cool new and VERY practical features of the new operating system iOS 11 for Apple. If you have updated to this new version or not, whether you have been considering it or not or whether you don’t even have an iPhone to update and just want some information, this article is for you.


If you are a fan of using this app on your iPad, you will be thrilled with the new features! It now allows you to easily find your notes because it can index your handwriting and also allows you scan documents to this application.


Images: Digital Image. 2249. TechCrunch

With the previous operating system – which I still have on my phone BTW, when you go to the control center, you have to swipe between several screens. This is not only NOT efficient but can be tedious when you have to swipe to find what you are looking for. With this newer updated version, it is all in one place.


This allows you to select which applications you use the most and place them in the control center. Since this is an Apple phone/iPad etc. It will limit which app icons you can place there. Apple still favors applications that are in-house, but the idea behind this is to have everything at your fingertips. Making smartphones even smarter.


We hope you never have to use this mode, but you will be thankful you have it if you ever do! This is activated by pressing the sleep/wake button 5 times. This activates the emergency mode – which disables touch ID and Face ID, this way no one can force you to unlock your phone against your will. When activated you will also have access to your medical ID button and an SOS button.


Images: Digital Image. 2239. TechCrunch.

Most people create SUPER COMPLICATED passwords, why? To keep their WIFI connection speed to themselves, maybe. If you are at a friends house and couldn’t bother to get the password – if someone else with an iPhone comes in who has it, they will get a message like this. Pretty neat huh? We thought so!