Super Cool Features With The New – IOS 11 Part 2/3

September 22, 2017

Yesterday we wrote about some of the Super Cool Features with the new IOS 11, since there is quite a few, today we continue with these features. Now, we are onto the second part of this three-part article, let’s get to them.


How many times have you done a screenshot and want to send it to someone/post it somewhere and you realize there is no way to crop this easily? You HAD to go to your photo library, open it there, then go to edit…then crop – then save, the process was long and tedious. Apple has now gotten their “act” together taking a page from other user-friendly apps such as Instagram and you can crop your screenshots from the same page. You just select the thumbnail on the bottom corner – then you can crop, save, edit, etc. This new feature is even better because it asks you if you want to save this cropped version or just trash it right away.


Image: img_2244. TechCrunch

If you are in your iTunes/ App store settings, you will see the option to delete apps that you do not regularly use. Advantages of this? The app icons will not delete from your home screen, but if you click on it – one that you have deleted…it will send you to the App store where you can download it again. This is great for those of us who might have less memory on our phones, using a 16GB phone and you are constantly running out of space? Well, this is a quick and a very useful alternative!



Image: QR Code Reader. Google Play

Some people jumped on the QR Code train, while others did not. Whether you are a habitual QR Code scanner or not, now the Camera on your phone can automatically detect the QR code image and will read it. Sending you where you need to go.



In the past it has seemed inevitable – that with newer technological advances, we would have better and better resolution photos, videos etc. This also means that these 4K videos would take up all of the space on your phone and maybe even the phones around you – just kidding, but that is how it felt. Until now. IOS 11 has a new way of saving said files so that way you get the same amazing resolution but the file size is way smaller, it is using HEIF and HEVC. So half the size for relatively the same quality – Who isn’t OK with that?



Image: screenshot-2017-09-18-at-6-12-56-pm double keyboard. TechCrunch

When happily typing away on your iPad, especially if you write and need to use symbols, numbers etc, it used to be quite tedious to have to switch between one keyboard and another. Now in order to use a symbol or number on a letter all you have to do is hold your finger on that key and you will get the other options as well. Similar to when you hold your key on a letter, for example, the A – you get 8 different options as to symbols that different languages might use, for correct grammar and accentuation. Very useful and a time saver for sure!