Super Cool Features With The New – IOS 11 – Part 1/3

September 21, 2017

If you have downloaded the new IOS 11 for your Apple device, take heed. There are a few of us who would rather wait for an update to the new IOS because we have had interesting responses in the past. Reports are surfacing that it is draining battery life, even more than usual – which is a PROBLEM. It seems like, with every new version of any platform update, there are a few “kinks” that need to be worked out… As we said, although there may be a few things here and there the good totally outweighs the bad.

Here some Super Cool features that this update brings which you may not have discovered yet. There are a few – so this will be a three-part article. Part One:


IOS 11

Have you ever wanted to record a video you are having with someone? Ever wanted to record a phone call, like Android can? This feature is great because it is difficult to find an app which lets you record a phone conversation. Now you get one better, you can record the video/phone call if you need to. You can record your screen from your device. What you do on your screen will be recorded and will save in your video library. This feature is found from the control center.


Now the GIFs that you love to share, you can!  As of now, you can save them to your video library. Something that in the past you could not. How many times have you found a GIF that perfectly describes exactly how you are feeling in a situation or with a particular person? Well, now it has been made simple, pick the ones you like and save them to your device. 

AirPod Shortcuts

You do this by tapping on either the left or ride tabs – one activates Siri, the other lets you skip tracks. This is a shortcut that you can configure but seems worth it.  

Apple Map

This newest version of the maps has greatly improved – the maps are more defined, It will tell you what stores are where and what restaurants by name on the map. Useful in a mall for example, if you are not familiar with the layout.

Driving Safety

IOS 11
There is now a feature that you activate and it says do not disturb while driving. Why would this be useful? When you are looking for an address using GPS and someone calls, it changes your screen and is a potential hazard. This feature has three options you can choose from: Manually, Automatically or When it connects to your car’s Bluetooth system. 

This is the first installment of three, there are 15 new features to this operating system and we will share more tomorrow at 12:00 pm. Comment, share and let us know how your update has been treating you?

Images:  know your mobile, TechCrunch