Puerto Rico and what to focus on – what is really important

September 26, 2017

Today’s 12:00 o’clock article is due and I am here going through all of these things in my head. What to write about. The truth is, I have a lot on my mind and these thoughts keep circling and whirling and I feel that if I don’t put them into words (pull them out of my head) so to speak, that I cannot focus on my tasks at hand. Aha! Let’s take this opportunity to share some of these thoughts… They affect us all, directly or indirectly and here is why and how they came about.

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This morning, like every morning, I went to my computer. Thankful for everything I have, then suddenly sad for my brothers and sisters who have lost it all. I open my browser, I favor Google – The image on the Doodle portion of the page has the photo of a woman I do not know. I click on it and realize how brilliant the team at Google is. It is a way to silently protest what is happening in the US. There is a divide, we are being torn apart. Torn apart from what is important, torn apart from each other. We are within a very destructive belief system, the president of the United States, wants us to focus on that we are separate, us vs. them, that is not so. 

I will circle back to this. This morning, we were watching the news, the story in a short summary was the following: Puerto Rico, is dealing with catastrophic effects of not one, but two hurricanes that tossed our sister country around. Injuring, devastating and disrupting what the Puerto Rican people took lifetimes to achieve. Gone. In the blink of an eye.

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Then we have more news, about the NFL players and #45 calling them, SOB’s * (Sons of bitches), to those players who in solidarity with the plight of All Lives Matter, have decided to peacefully protest the National Anthem by bending a knee. Stating that respectfully, we have been fighting for racial and gender equality since the dawn of time and it is still an issue in 2017. It still matters.

Then, there is the issue of Russia and the Oligarch and the scandal that #45 is in with his son in law. Then there is the issue of healthcare…

My point is, there is enough going on in the world and especially in the US backyard to not focus on what is important. Solidarity, people – not OUR people, but ALL people. It frustrates me that not more people take a stand, say something. @HemkyMadera took a stand, with #VoicesForPuertoRico, @LucienneCarlo took a stand, by organizing and participating in relief efforts locally and abroad, both of whom are leading by example. If we do not stand up for what is right – not necessarily easy, then we are no better than those we openly criticize.

Now, circling back to Google and their silent protest. They have chosen to highlight the birth of an American scholar, Gloria E. Anzaldúa, a woman who spent her life writing about bridging the differences and divides amongst us. The team at Google many times over has earned my respect, but this just emphasizes that if you have a platform – as they clearly do, you can use it, you should use it to make this world a better place than we found it. Gloria E. Anzaldúa life’s work was to focus not on the differences, but the similarities between us.

Let’s take a look at what is currently happening, Puerto Rico is a US territory – yet, as far as #PODUS is concerned, this is a non-issue. WHAT??? Ok guys, if the leaders, the people in power here in the states, in the Dominican Republic, wherever, cannot realize what is truly important and cannot lead by example – the fault lies with them, not with us. We do not have to be subjected to their reality. You are your own person, as am I.

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Let’s step into the awareness that we have within us. Let us do what is right and help our fellow man, woman, child, and pet. Take a look around your house, around your closet and take what is superfluous and give it away. There are centers of “Acopio” as they are called in Spanish, in English, more commonly known as donation centers.

There will always be stories, problems, and issues to distract us from what really matters. Our people, your people, all people. Let’s lend a hand now that it does really matter. Let’s lead by example and take a stand for what is right and not what is easy. It is easy to do nothing. That is the easiest thing of all.

If you know of any donation centers in your area, please share them in the comments and let us be that change we want to see.