ENGLISH – A Phone Without Batteries???

September 13, 2017


What if we were to tell you that there is a phone that works similar to Osmosis? It gets what it needs simply from the surroundings. The advantage to this is that there is no need to “remember” to charge your cell phone. That is a thing of the past…A Phone Without Batteries???

This project is funded by Google along with several science foundations, the total raised was around $2 million USD. This whole concept is created by an engineer named Vamsi Talla. His dream is to build a phone that is very simple and that has the purpose of making regular phone calls.

It seems that we are going back to basics in 2017. The great thing about this single-board phone is that it receives power from the Sun and can even receive RF (Radio Frequency) waves from a station that is not far away. There is a process that is known as backscattering – which allows the phone to make calls by reflecting the same waves that it receives back from the station.

The idea is simple, to give people a way to communicate without the need of a power source or even a carrier company to operate. There have been successful tests run, which even allow it to make calls via Skype. This phone which is made of simple components uses a minimal amount of wattage. Actually, it is roughly 10,000 times more efficient in that regard than a run of the mill smartphone.

What are the advantages of this? Think of all of the underdeveloped countries, where communication is scarce at best, where electricity is hard to come by and cell towers do not exist. You could even use your “phone” when it is “without power or dead as it is commonly known”.

This revolutionary phone is still being developed, but it is estimated that the cost to produce it could be as low as $1 USD, which again would make it feasible to everyone everywhere.