Cody’s Got A Gun…

October 2, 2017

Cody’s Got A Gun…

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With everything that is happening in the world, look at the tragedy that subsided last night in Las Vegas. Crazed gunman deciding that this needs to happen and we don’t know why.  What can we do about it? It seems that not too much with the advances in technology and the determination of an American kid named Cody. That’s right. It is important to have the knowledge, for with knowledge you gain power and that counts for something.  

Cody who five 5 years ago was just 23, has had one thing and one thing only on his mind. That is to create a gun that is untraceable. Why would someone spend day and night looking for this solution? Is he an anarchist? Yes, is he in favor of less strict gun laws? Yes. Is he a genius? Yes. Isn’t he one of the co-founders of Bitcoin digital currency? Yes? Oh boy…A real-life Mad Genius.

In 2013 he published the plans and designs for Liberator, the world’s first 3-D gun. This he openly published and distributed through his non-profit organization Defense Distributed – where he detailed and published this blueprints to making a gun that is untraceable at your home…

He then sold machines that would build you an AR-15 in your home, made of aluminum and now he has made a gun that can be made without regulation or control. Imagine gangs being able to produce guns in their homes 24/7. There is no scarcity of cash for a lot of these groups, it will just take time.

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He has now created another one, a more sophisticated version of his original work, this is a machine called Ghost Gunner. This machine originally cost $1,500 in 2014 – there is a newer version of this, just out.

This new model can make a frame in 60 minutes. Why is this so important? 1 hour? Because if you know anything about gun law in the USA, then you will know that what has to be registered and regulated is the frame of the gun – its chassis so to speak. That is where the serial numbers are found, not an interchangeable part of this gun.

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Everything except the frame can be ordered online, unregulated and unchecked. This kid, basically made some very bad people’s dream come true. Be vigilant if you see people buying obscene amounts of aluminum. They might be up to no good.

Why is this an article? Why am I writing about this? Because knowledge is power and not knowing is as bad as knowing and not doing anything about it. Cody has provided the tools and the blueprints for people to make their own untraceable guns in an hour.

The question is now how do we stay safe and protect ourselves and others from more acts of random violence, like what we saw yesterday in Las Vegas. We need to take a stand and not allow the random or non-random violence to occur.