Camera Updates For The New iPhone 8

September 19, 2017

Everyone who has a smartphone knows that they are all “pretty” similar. They usually have similar features, they usually have similar applications that are available for either platform you choose. What does tend to differentiate the smartphones is their camera, the quality, the resolution, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the new iPhone 8 and see what they changed to make it more cutting edge and therefore more competitive in this arena.  

The camera on this new phone is one of their marquis advancements for this model of iPhone. The new phone is coated in front and in back in glass, advantages of glass? Better distributes the heat that emanates from your phone while charging, also it allows for easier gripping than the aluminum backing. It makes it relatively less slippery to grasp and hold on to. Also, Apple is working to make this glass stronger so that way, if you have an “oops” moment, you don’t have to regret it so much. How does this tie in for the advances in photography? If you can better grip your phone, the more likely you are to take it out to snap away at life.

The main competition for this phone is the Samsung Galaxy s8+, but Apple has so many more features, besides The S8+ great photo quality. Apple has improved the phone’s image sensor, this means larger pixels and more depth in a photo. New color filters, the HDR – High dynamic range – where the camera decides for you based off of the picture if you benefit from darker or lighter tones. The camera comes with wide and telephoto sensors, which have been updated to give you more accurate images.  

There is also zero shutter lag, which in the past has caused pictures to seem blurry, as well as the buffering of said image once the picture is taken.

There is a definite emphasis on the details, the video has been upgraded to 4k, you get continuous autofocus in slow motion shots as well. These upgrades help the camera on this phone to work even better in low light situations. There is also a huge emphasis on noise reduction, lessening the “grainy look” of an image.

This new phone has worked out the kinks of flashes, the camera now chooses whether to leave the shutter open for longer for better light exposure in low light situations. The flash is less intense and more responsive as to what the conditions require. This camera brings Portrait mode, which makes the subject look like this photo was taken with a DSLR and not a phone, something that could help sway professional photographers towards this phone versus another.  

Also, we are able to add a dramatic look to portraits by the use of contour, which can highlight the areas of the face by darkening and emphasizing others to make it more dramatic. The last feature on this phone is still in the beta stage of testing but is worth mentioning as well…This is the AR or Augmented Reality. What???

Yup, which seems to be the next big thing in photographs, enhancing, things like fabric, skin tones and placing an object into and on subjects.

What we recommend, next time you are by an Apple store, check out these features for yourself. Let us know what you think with comments in the comment section.